October 12, 2021

Product seeding: why and how to use this cost-effective activation.

A guide on product seeding tactics.

Using influencers to promote products and brands is now largely seen as a crucial part of marketing. Influencers have gathered engaged communities who follow their recommendations. Brands collaborate with influencers to reach their targeted audience and to create a deeper connection with their potential customers. Cost-effective and product-centric, seeding is one of many effective activations to implement brand awareness and boost sales.

What is influencer seeding?

Influencer seeding works in a simple way: you send your products to a selected group of influencers, and in return they post about it and share their opinion with their community. The key idea is to scale your efforts, instead of building relationships with each influencer you maximize your impact by partnering with hundreds of them. Influencer seeding allows you to see things bigger for your brand. This technique is particularly powerful for certain industries like fashion or beauty.

Why use influencer seeding?

Influencer seeding is an amazing solution for micro-influencers. Indeed, the cost of establishing a one-on-one relationship with micro-influencers probably exceeds their impact for your brand, due to their small follower count. With seeding, you maximize your brand visibility in a short time and you decrease the time spent on influencer management.

Seeding can help your brand initiate the first contact with influencers. If the activation went well, you can decide to further build a relationship with potential brand ambassadors.

Should I pay influencers?

The point of influencer seeding is to use your product as both a payment and a leverage to build a strong relationship with influencers. Yet, influencers receive many gifts. They tend to grow careless of free products. To counter that, show them you value their personality and their work so much you want to give them your newest products. Another thing is to encourage seeding partnerships with micro-influencers. They are more willing to participate in your campaign on a gifting-base only.

A case study

Merci Handy wanted to build product awareness and drive sales for its new collection in collaboration with Disney. The brand teamed up with Lefty to launch a seeding campaign in France.

The solution

Merci Handy chose to partner with Lefty to create a seeding program. Influencers were asked to promote Merci Handy exclusive collection of 6 soaps featuring Disney characters and to give promo-codes to their audience.

Almost 150 influencers were enrolled in the program. They created original content about these exclusive products and while sharing promo-codes.

The Results

Thanks to the Lefty seeding campaign, influencers created and shared over 100 pieces of authentic content about Merci Handy. The seeding program generated a reach of 7 million and 2 million actual impressions for an equivalent media value of $30k.

The content is now at the hands of Merci Handy and the brand can reuse the highly engaging posts on their website or for paid advertising.

Macro influencer @chloe_letellier sharing her promo code for the Merci Handy x Disney collab.

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