November 3, 2021

The impact of confinement on beauty brands and their influencers in France

With France being put under strict confinement on March 16th 2020, most people now spend their days sitting at home browsing through what the Internet has to offer.

On Social Media platforms, influencers have shifted their communication to be more home-oriented. The majority of their posts and stories now revolve around such topics as cooking, working out, and remaining healthy, thereby sharing useful tips while evoking a sense of staying connected.

However, most brands haven’t yet adapted their strategies for working with influencers under these new conditions, which lead to a reduction in influencer activations, a drop in branded content along with a loss of EMV.

What is the impact of all this?

At Lefty, we have chosen 1500 French beauty influencers and analysed their posting behaviour prior to and during the confinement period.

To see the results in detail, check out our case study in the following link: Case Study

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