The State of the Champagne Market: Influencer Marketing Insights for 2022

Which champagne houses are leading the industry and evolving in the influencer marketing landscape? 

In our latest report, we explore how they’re using influencer campaigns to stay ahead of their competitors.

The State of The Champagne Market: Influencer Marketing Insights for 2022 provides a review on which major players have seen growth over recent years while also evaluating what types of influencer marketing strategies will be most effective at generating social currency moving forward—and whether there's any room left for smaller champagne houses with unique stories. In this report, we answer:

  • The champagne market is booming, with a 102% growth in EMV last year. What’s behind this success?
  • Which champagne brands are making the most impact?
  • Which champagne houses are the key players in the market?
  • What are the most effective influencer marketing strategies for this market?
  • Which KOL partnerships were vital to generating earned media value?
  • How can brands improve their influencer relationships and casting in the future?

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