Top 10  Fastest-Growing Luxury Brands for 2022

Which luxury fashion brands are growing the fastest and leading the influencer marketing? 

The Top 10 Fastest Growing Luxury Brands report presents an in-depth evaluation of which luxury brands are making waves in the market and evolving their consumer targets through influencer marketing. 

As a whole, the luxury market grew by 33% in 2021 alone and continues to thrive. With this in mind, it will become vital for brands to update their influencer marketing strategy going forward as the market becomes more competitive.

For our latest installment of Lefty's report series, we're exploring which luxury fashion brands have evolved to become the fastest-growing companies in the market, as well as how they are shifting their consumer focus towards Generation Z.  In this report, we answer:

  • Who are the top 10 fastest growing luxury brands?
  • How did Valentino increase their EMV by 300% ?
  • What are the influencer marketing strategies behind this success?
  • How are top growing brands evolving to capture new customers?
  • How luxury brands are maintaining their influencer relationships?
  • What influencer content led to major EMV growth?

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Top 10 Luxury brands