December 21, 2021

Guerlain Case Study

Thanks to Lefty, Guerlain boosted its influencer marketing program in all key markets to become the 5th most visible heritage beauty brand on social media.

<blockquote><q>Thanks to Lefty, our key markets can now pilot their influencers relations more meaningfully.</q><cite>Jean-Denis Mariani, CDO Guerlain</cite></blockquote>

How Guerlain boosted its global influencer marketing program in a year with Lefty

Challenges - Standing out in the global market

Founded nearly two centuries ago, Guerlain understood that influencer marketing is reshaping the beauty market landscape. Wanting to improve on their existing performance, the brand was facing the following challenges

  • Lack of a consistent global strategy
    No structured influencer marketing program, nor central guidelines to manage influencer relations across all the markets.
  • Varying degrees of local expertise
    Performance was variable and dependant on local set-up: budget, in-house expertise, influencer marketing strategy.
  • Struggling to measure performance
    No homogeneous KPIs to measure performance: tracking individual campaigns, local market influencer strategy, and the overall impact of their influencer program.

Solution - Optimizing influencer marketing program

Strategic recommendations 

Lefty delivered data-driven recommendations to make Guerlain influencer marketing practice best-in-class

Guerlain chose to invest in nurturing relationships with top beauty influencers and focus on activating them regularly and creatively, resulting in a greater impact on customers but also on micro influencers. 

Operational implementation

Guerlain's strategic and functional teams use Lefty's end-to-end platform to manage influencer relations

  • Identification
    Easily spotting talents among 1 million profiles by filtering through location, categories, engagement rate, etc.
  • Management
    Curating a pool of favourite influencers thanks to the labelling system and the Favorites tab. 
  • Reporting
    Tracking campaigns at a glance, and measuring performance with a complete set of KPIs. Benchmarking in 17 markets against 16 competitors, sortable through EMV, Share of Voice and Post Frequency.

<blockquote><q>Since we use the platform, Guerlain has jumped from the 10th to the 5th most visible luxury beauty brand worldwide.</q><cite>Jean-Denis Mariani, CDO Guerlain</cite></blockquote>

Results - Within twelve months, Guerlain boosted its performance

5th most visible luxury beauty brand worldwide

One year after the program started, Guerlain’s EMV ranking moved up to the 5th most visible luxury beauty brands. To date, Guerlain has used our platform to create 372 campaigns with a recorded earned media  value of 27.8 million dollars.

Guerlain grows faster than the market.

In 2019, while the global market’s EMV grew by +13,5% yoy, Guerlain’s EMV grew by +76.6% yoy. Guerlain also grew its Share of Voice. In 2019, out of all the beauty posts, there were 32% more posts mentioning Guerlain than in 2018.

Refined influencer community

In 2019, Guerlain optimized its influencer relationships and grew its top influencers community by 23%yoy. Top influencers were identified as the key value driver to EMV. Their top influencers grew their post frequency by 27% yoy, nearly doubling the brand’s visibility (x1.8) since 2018.

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