Industry Reports

Milan Fashion Week SS23 Men's Wear

With Covid restrictions eased, Milan Men’s returned in full force for S/S23, with 63 shows, presentations and digital activations showcasing the best of Italian luxury fashion.

What Strategies Do Marketers Need to Employ to Be Successful in China?

Want to break into the Chinese market? Here’s everything you need to know about influencer marketing in China, from finding the right influencers to creating successful campaigns.

Drawing of people partying at Coachella

Coachella 2022: Are brand activations worth the investment?

Brands are investing more money into exclusive events and parties at Coachella to generate user engagement on social media and appeal to key demographics. However, are these activations worth the investment?

Drawing of shoes print on a red background

Running Shoe Market Study 2022

As the running shoe market continues to grow annually, see which brands are the up-and-coming players to watch.

Drawing of a woman with glass

Review | The Best Brands From Fashion Week A/W 2022

Fashion Weeks across the globe for AW22 showed an overall decrease in visibility of 13.6% compared to SS22 shows. Except for Paris, all preceding Fashion Weeks lacked growth due to drops across the board in posts, influencers, and engagement.

Will Gen Z Take Center Stage at NYFW?

Ready to see the new wave of young talents dominating New York Fashion Week? We took a look at how Generation Z is changing the industry, who their key opinion leaders are, and what brands dominated NYFW AW 22 with Gen.Z collaborations.

The State of the Champagne Market: Influencer Marketing Insights for 2022

Which champagne houses are leading the industry and evolving in the influencer marketing landscape?

niche fragrance influencer marketing

Niche Fragrance Influencer Marketing Study

This is a niche fragrance influencer marketing study based on 16 brands in the European market. In this study, you’ll learn: 1. The State of the Niche Fragrance Market. 2.Top Fragrance Brands List & EMV Ranking 3.Top Brands Strategic Analysis 4.Lots more

Beauty brands in FW

Fashion Week's impact on beauty brands

Learn how Fashion Month impacts the participated beauty brands, know which beauty brands ranked highest on social media, and read about the top talents' content strategies fueling this success

Top 10 Luxury brands

Top 10  Fastest-Growing Luxury Brands for 2022

Which luxury brands are growing the fastest and leading the industry on social media?

Makeup brands's strategy in Halloween

Explore how makeup brands win brand awareness with influencer campaigns during Halloween 2021

Milan Fashion Week

Evolution of Milan Fashion Week 2021

Explore which brands in Milan Fashion Week reigned supreme in terms of their influencer partnerships and content compared to earlier Milan Fashion Weeks.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week 2021

How key brands participating in Paris Fashion Week 2021 evolved their influencer marketing strategies and content.

London Fashion Week

Evolution of London Fashion Week 2021

How top participating brands in London Fashion Week invested in influencer partnerships and modified influencer content from previous London Fashion Weeks to now.

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